How To Take Care of Hair After Smoothening?

Smooth, silky, and straight hair is a dream come true for many. Hair smoothening treatments have made it possible to achieve this dream. Welcome to afterthought.

However, maintaining that salon-fresh look requires proper care and attention. Here's an in-depth guide on how to take care of your hair after smoothening.

1. Wait Before Washing

After smoothening, it's crucial to wait at least 72 hours before washing your hair. This waiting period allows the treatment to settle properly, ensuring longer-lasting results.

2. Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos and Conditioners

Sulfates can strip your hair of its natural oils and the smoothening treatment, making your hair dry and frizzy. Opt for gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to maintain the smoothness and shine of your hair.

3. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Minimize the use of heat styling tools like straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers. If you must use them, always apply a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from damage. Excessive heat can reverse the smoothening effects and make your hair prone to breakage.

4. Regular Conditioning

Conditioning is vital for smoothened hair. Use a deep conditioner once a week to keep your hair hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. Leave-in conditioners can also provide extra moisture and protection.

5. Be Gentle When Washing

When washing your hair, be gentle. Avoid vigorous scrubbing and use lukewarm water. Hot water can open up the hair cuticles, causing the treatment to wash out faster. Cold water helps seal the cuticles, keeping your hair smooth and shiny.

6. Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Tight ponytails, buns, or braids can create tension on your hair, leading to breakage and damage. Opt for loose hairstyles that do not strain your hair, especially in the first few weeks after smoothening.

7. Regular Trims

Regular trims help to keep your hair healthy by getting rid of split ends. Schedule a trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain the smoothness and prevent your hair from looking frizzy.

8. Protect Your Hair from Sun and Pollution

The sun’s UV rays and environmental pollutants can damage your hair and fade the smoothening treatment. Use a hat, scarf, or UV protection spray to shield your hair when you’re outdoors.

9. Oil Treatments

Oil treatments can provide essential nutrients and moisture to your hair. Use natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, or argan oil. Apply the oil to your hair and scalp, leave it on for a few hours or overnight, and then wash it out with a gentle shampoo.

10. Watch Your Diet

Healthy hair starts from within. Ensure your diet is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Foods like eggs, nuts, spinach, and salmon are great for hair health. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water also helps maintain your hair’s moisture balance.

11. Avoid Swimming in Chlorinated Water

Chlorine can strip the smoothening treatment and cause your hair to become dry and damaged. If you must swim, wear a swim cap to protect your hair from chlorinated water.

12. Use Silk or Satin Pillowcases

Cotton pillowcases can cause friction and lead to frizzy hair. Switching to silk or satin pillowcases reduces friction, keeping your hair smooth and tangle-free.

13. Use Wide-Toothed Combs

A wide-toothed comb is gentler on your hair compared to brushes. It helps detangle your hair without causing breakage or damage. Start combing from the ends and work your way up to avoid tugging on your roots.

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Hair smoothening can give you the sleek and shiny hair you’ve always desired, but maintaining it requires diligence and proper care.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your hair remains healthy, smooth, and beautiful long after the treatment.

Remember, taking care of your hair is an ongoing process, and a little effort can go a long way in preserving that salon-perfect look.

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